The New Year is here, and your resolution to get healthier in 2016 has been made; but if you are like most people, goals, ambitions, and dreams fizzle out in just a few weeks.

So, how can you focus on making your goals realistic and achievable this year?

What if you are not typical gym rat, you hate running on the treadmill, and the thought of getting up before the sun to workout sounds absolutely exhausting to you? That is just fine!

Focus more on small habits that you can implement daily, so your goals do not feel too overwhelming.

Here are 10 behaviors to stay inspired in 2016

  1. Surround yourself with others who support you. When trying to lead a healthy and positive life, it is best to connect with those who are genuinely happy for you.  Don’t waste your time and energy on the naysayers; instead use your energy to hit your goals and your workouts hard.
  2. Clean out your car. A dirty and messy car creates a sense of disorganization. Especially if you are commuting in your car daily, it is so important to create a clean, clear environment that is stress free.  Vacuum the rugs once per week, get a car wash, and add a fresh scent.
  3. Clear the clutter in your house.  Clutter and disorganization can create stress because you cannot find things in your environment.   This can lead to anxiety, high blood pressure and even cause you to eat unhealthy, (when there is no space on the counter to cook, it is much easier to call for take out!).
  4.  Throw away the Junk Food. Clear out the chips, ice cream, soda, and other high sugary foods that will cause your body to keep / gain weight and slow you down. Replace your counter-tops with fruit and fill the fridge with foods that are dense in nutrients.
  5. Get Hydrated.  Replace all juice, soda, and lattes with water. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere you go.
  6. Workout 4-5 times per week. Find a workout routine that works for you.  Are you a home, gym or outside exerciser? Find a buddy to workout with so you have a scheduled date you cannot miss.  Try a new workout, because it will help change your body and keep you from getting bored
  7. Buy new workout clothes.  A new workout top or pair of sneakers will get you excited to hit your sweat session.  Sporting a new tank, perhaps inspiring words can give you motivation and drive to run a little bit longer or lift a little bit heavier.
  8. Show gratitude. It is 100% important to let others know you are thankful for them. Write them, tell them, and text them.  Small gestures of gratitude daily will help you continue on a positive path.  Also, be grateful for what you have. Focus on the good.
  9. Check off that To-Do-List. Set an hour a week to work on a daunting To-Do-List that you maybe ignore. Setting a specific time for these tasks will help tackle them; and you will feel productive, more accomplished and perhaps some stress relieved.
  10.  Reward yourself with non-food related items. Schedule something you enjoy toward the end of the week to help motivate you to get through your daily work week. Some self rewards for a Friday or Saturday can be a mani / pedi; a massage, shopping spree, hot yoga class, basically whatever you enjoy to do for a healthier you.

Cheers to inspiration in 2016!