Making goals focused on enhancing physical wellbeing is nothing new, being weight loss, eating healthy or sticking to an exercise routine. But what about goals that aim to enrich our lives in other ways?

As we get older and learn more, it seems logical we will get better at balancing our schedules and taking care of our needs, but in reality we only get busier and busier. Our hectic agendas keep us productive, but often take us away from living in the moment.

You don’t need an exercise plan or diet to start living in the now. Experiencing more of life in the present will enhance your mental health. Try these 3 simple actions and find your overall wellbeing heightened.

1. Put Your Cell Phone Down

Take a pause and ask yourself how much time you are spending on your phone. Feeling addicted to your tablet and smartphone? Confession: me too. The lure of our devices is sweeping the global populations.

Aside from the dangers of electromagnetic radiation, the amount of time we spend on our devices takes away from the time we spend in the moment. I invite you to look at your phone less and invest that extra time in the now. Reward yourself with more cellphone-free moments. Experience and enjoy a distraction-free dinner with a significant other or a peaceful walk with a furry friend.

2. Wake Up Grateful

When was the last time you stopped to think about how amazing your life is? If you have a roof over our head and food on your table, you’re doing pretty well.

Let’s wake up each morning and recognize this. Each morning, take the time to write down 5 things you’re grateful for. By doing this, you slow down and can more readily connect with the moment. Plus, starting your morning on a grateful note sets you up to move through the day with a thankful heart. Who knows what bountiful goodness the universe may unveil when you live with a little more appreciation!

3. Make Eye Contact

Can you remember the last time you made eye contact with someone?

Our on-the-go-lifestyle can make us miss out on the simple human interaction of eye contact brings. Maybe you didn’t look up from your phone last time you thanked the cashier at the grocery store. Perhaps you were watching your favorite show on Netflix while you said, “I love you” to your partner. Even when the words convey truth and compassion, a lack of eye contact can make them seem disingenuous. Slow down. Make eye contact with those around you and see what a difference that extra connection truly makes.

These habits are simple, but their power is huge—the way they bring us into the present moment may just change your life.