Have you ever had a friend rave about something they love and insist you try it; and while you usually think, “yeah, yeah, sure, whatever,” once in a blue moon, you listen and try it, and you’re totally blown away? Start listening, because this is one of those times!

From one gal to another, I’m sharing what’s below with your best interest at heart. These 3 simple changes I made are ones I can’t recommend enough! They are my TOP THREE tips, so really, give them a try.

1. The DivaCup

Warning: this is going to get real personal, real quick. The DivaCup is a reusable silicone menstrual cup that collects menses and it has changed my life. Seriously.

I hear your scepticism and know this topic might have a bit of an “ick” factor. But when you accept that your period is simply another normal and healthy bodily fluid, you’ll get over it. I could not imagine my life without this thing – The DivaCup is a game changer. No more tampons (which are costly and increasingly made with synthetic materials that can be dangerous to your health). No more anxiety about constantly going to the bathroom to change a pad or a tampon, and kiss goodbye to all those times you stressed about being discrete while running to the loo with your purse. The DivaCup needs a quick empty and wash twice daily, which you can do once when you wake up, and once before bed or after work. And that’s it! It won’t get stuck and it’s easy to clean because it collects, but it doesn’t absorb. With proper care and cleaning, it can last a decade. Using a menstrual cup is an extremely eco-friendly alternative to anything else on the market. Give it a try—trust me on this one!

2. Coconut Oil For Shaving & Makeup Remover

Conventional shaving cream and makeup remover contain ingredients that are harmful for our health. This day and age, a large majority of women choose to shave their legs and wear makeup. Enter coconut oil—you can use it in lieu of shaving cream and makeup remover. It works like a charm and offers the bonus of being extremely hydrating. I now stock both my kitchen and bathroom with this wonder oil!

3. Tongue Scraping

Grab a mirror. Stick out your tongue. What’s it look like? Quite often, our tongues get covered with a filmy white coating. This substance is a by-product created when we breathe as the respiratory system removes toxins. If it stays on your tongue, you consume it in a whole new way when you eat. To stop that from happening, you can scrape your tongue, scraping away those toxins. Some toothbrushes have a small scraper built in (opposite the bristles), but it’s usually not effective enough. Never fear because you can buy a tongue scraper that will work great. I use mine twice a day and highly recommend a similar regimen. Once you start, you’ll be disgusted by the alarming amount of toxins you weren’t addressing sooner. Plus, you’ll find it keeps your breath fresher!