As a woman and an emotional eating expert, I’ve been much attuned to the phenomenon happening in our culture that promotes “beauty at any sizes.”  This is a wonderful thing to be talking about because it’s true, beauty does come in many different forms; but somehow the lines between “love” and “beauty” have been blurred.   Inherent in this conversation is that you have to think you are beautiful in order to love yourself.

But the reality is that there are a lot of things we love that aren’t beautiful.  Like newborn babies, old stained sweatshirts or your old cat with one eye missing.  In all parts of our lives, beauty is not the precursor to love, so I find it ridiculous that we feel the need to convince ourselves we’re beautiful, (even in the expanded definition), in order to love and accept ourselves.  Plus, our bodies do so much more than its look in a certain way.  Today, I invite you to stop trying to convince yourself you’re beautiful, but love your body for these reasons:


  1. She hugs.
  2. She climbs mountains.
  3. She breaths without you thinking.
  4. She smells roses.
  5. She digests your food.
  6. She can create life.
  7. She rules on the dance floor.
  8. She can grow a garden.
  9. She tastes chocolate.
  10. She skips and twirls.
  11. She feels the warmth of a hot shower.
  12. She floats on water.
  13. She feels the sun on your face.
  14. She sings.
  15. She kisses.
  16. She makes love.
  17. She laughs hysterically.
  18. She lays in your lover’s lap.
  19. She holds your child’s hand.
  20. She thinks.
  21. She hears birds.
  22. She feels the cold ocean on your toes.
  23. She runs.
  24. She writes.
  25. She reads recipes and cooks.
  26. She paints (not always well).
  27. She belts out songs when nobody’s watching.
  28. She meditates.
  29. She is the soft landing place for the people who depend on you.
  30. She is a home for your thoughts, your intellect and your soul.