We’ve all found ourselves reaching into our handbags for our favorite lip balm when our lips start to feel horribly dry, flakey or even sore. But have you ever given a moment’s thought to what these innocent-looking cosmetics actually contain? Or even worse, what their long-term effects on our bodies might be?

The truth is, we’d be far better giving them the cold shoulder and opting instead for one of the many natural lip balms available (or even making one yourself!) instead. They will free us from that endless cycle of dry lips and actually help our lips feel beautiful again, avoid hormone-damaging chemicals and avoid toxic disease-causing chemicals which place a huge toxic load on the body and make us feel terrible.

Here are the most important reasons you should make the switch to natural lip balms:

Your Lips Will Finally Feel Plump And Nourished

While conventional lip balms might create the illusion of moisturized lips, their harsh chemical ingredients actually cause your lips to become more irritated, dry out quicker and age much faster than they otherwise should. Turn instead to natural lip balms – they contain gently nourishing and planet -friendly oils such as beeswax, shea butter, cocoa butter or mango butter, coconut oil as well as a whole host of healing essential oils which help you lips to feel at their most beautiful.

Your Lips Will Be Able To Breathe

Regular lip balms commonly contain chemical nasties like petroleum jelly (also labelled as petrolatum) and mineral oils which actually seal your pores, creating a plastic-like layer that prevents your skin from breathing. These chemical oils are also derivatives from the oil industry which can still contain many of the known carcinogenic compounds and cause allergic reactions, cancer and disease. Hardly the kind of stuff you want to be putting on your lips!

You’ll Avoid Nasty Chemical Colors, Fragrances & Flavors

Natural lip balms are free from the toxic additives, fragrances and flavors that the commercial variety include. These additives place a huge toxic load upon the body and increase your risk of skin sensitivity, irritation and again, a variety of different cancers.

This includes synthetic colors and dyes such as FD&C Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5 & 6, Red 33, D&C red no. 6, and yellow no. 10 which contain heavy metal salts that are known carcinogens.

Additionally, whenever you see the words “fragrance” or “flavor” on the list of ingredients, you also have great reason to be worried – these are terms that conceal a whole host of hidden chemicals which could also pose severe health risks. If you don’t know what these chemicals are, how on earth are you supposed to avoid them?  

You’ll Protect Your Hormonal Health

Sadly, the chemicals in commercial lip balms act as phytoestrogens in the body, disrupting your endocrine system and causing hormonal imbalance and even cancers. These chemicals include the toxic preservatives parabens and phenols which have been found in malignant breast tumors, and chemical sunscreens like oxybenzone which are associated with endometriosis in women and have been proven to alter sperm production in animals.

Without a doubt, commercial lip balms aren’t something you’d ever want to be putting on your skin. Instead of moisturizing your skin and keeping you looking young and beautiful, they irritate, dry out your lips, cause all manner of long-term health problems (including cancers) and keep you reaching for that chap stick again and again. It’s time to turn to the nourishing and healing benefits of natural lip balms instead. That’s why I love SW Basics of Brooklyn. They offer a variety of lip balm flavours made with all natural ingredients that leave your lips feeling soft and smooth!