Seeds are growing daily in popularity – and why? Because they are a super source of protein and nutrients. From chia seeds to flax seeds to pumpkin seeds, there’s no end to the variety of healthy options at your fingertips. One of my all time favourite seeds is hemp seeds. They come from the same species of hemp plant as cannabis, but contain very little of the THC compound found in marijuana. Plus, they have more protein and omegas than chia seeds or flax seeds!

Manitoba Harvest’s hemp hearts are my absolute favorite because they’re always fresh tasting with a subtle nutty flavor. You can use them raw or cooked on everything – from salads, to cereal, even smoothies! I LOVE mixing them in my smoothie bowls.

Here’s a few reasons to incorporate hemp seeds into your diet today!

1. Super-Packed with Nutrition.

With tons of healthy fats like omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, hemp seeds can naturally balance hormones and cardiovascular health. Manitoba Harvest’s hemp hearts contain 10 grams of omegas per 30 gram serving. They also kick butt in the protein department and are an excellent source of vitamin E, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. What do all these nutrients have in common? They’re all great for brain health!

2. Digestive Dynamo!

Hemp hearts are so easy to digest especially when combined with high fiber foods like salads. They can often reduce the symptoms of many chronic digestive problems. And for roughly 1 in 130 people who suffer from Celiac’s Disease, hemp hearts are totally gluten free and can benefit those who have many common food allergies.

3. The Skin You’re In.

With all those fatty acids, it’s no wonder hemp seeds are so amazing for your skin! Hemp seeds and hemp oil have been shown to help people who suffer from eczema and severely dry skin. The fatty acids decrease itchiness, inflammation, and repair skin damage.

4. A Power-House of Plant-Based Protein.

So many vegans struggle with new ways of getting adequate protein. Hemp seeds have a are a complete protein – containing all the essential amino acids – and contain amounts similar to that of beef or lamb. In fact, Manitoba Harvest’s hemp hearts contain 10 grams of plant protein per 30 gram serving. It’s easy to see why hemp seeds have quickly become a staple in the diets of so many vegans.


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