This Mother’s Day, don’t settle for a clichéd, store bought gift. Make sure your mom knows how truly special she is with a thoughtful, personalized present. Think outside the box and craft a handmade treat that she will never forget.

Here are my five favorite Mother’s Day ideas.

  1. Basket of Goodies

There are dozens of different options to consider when crafting a gift basket. It may not be easy to gather the best ingredients for a deluxe package, but you can pack in fresh fruits, baked goods, and dark chocolate for a simple, customized basket that is guaranteed to please.

You can also choose to make a basket of beauty products. From soaps and lotions to lip balms and perfume.

Ensure that your mom will love each and every item that you choose so you can let her know that she deserves to be pampered and relaxed wherever she might be.

After you’ve gathered the materials, you need to find the perfect basket to present them in. Paper Mart has a wide assortment that you can choose from. With a variety of weaves, colors, and designs that can personalize the gift, select the one that best complements your theme.

  1. A Day Of Quality Time

Not all gifts have to be physical objects. For many mothers, the best gift you can give is quality time spent together. For a unique hands-on activity that she will enjoy, treat her to a Paint Night Party!

After enjoying a nice dinner at a restaurant, let the paint and the creativity flow through the canvas. With plenty to eat, drink, and create, you can enjoy a special DIY project made together!

  1. Hand Painted Household Plants

If your mother has a green thumb, see if you can help her spruce up her houseplants. You could purchase a few succulents and repot them in hand painted pots or mini mason jars filled with soil, or gift her a hand painted vase and help to transfer one of her existing plants into its new home.

  1. Aromatherapy Gifts

Sometimes, the most therapeutic form of relaxation is to light a few candles and fill the home with aromatic scents. This Mother’s Day, exercise your handcrafting skills and create your own hand-poured candles. Using colored wax and essential oils, experiment with a few different scents to create the most personal and unique candle, designed specifically for your mom.

A few aromas that are truly relaxing are lavender, chamomile, and citrus. The occasional bubbles and ripples that can surface on the wax are distinguishing and characteristic. For a more complete visual look, supplement the candles with custom wrapping from Paper Mart.

  1. You Can’t Go Wrong With Flowers

Flowers are the most popular Mother’s Day gift for a reason: they’re beautiful, they smell like heaven and they’re guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest room. So this Mother’s day, don’t settle for a store-bought bouquet. Instead, craft your very own bouquet using wildflowers, selecting the colors and textures that you know she will absolutely love. This one-of-a-kind treat will be the bouquet she will cherish forever.

This Mother’s Day, express your gratitude and love with customized homemade gifts. With a little preparation, you can ensure that this will be her most memorable one yet!