Workout ruts and plateaus happen and that’s totally okay! It is normal to fall in and out of love with your regular routine and sometimes, you just need a break. However, taking a break from your current routine doesn’t mean you have to take a break from exercise all together! Below I have highlighted 5 activities that will help you get a workout in while still having fun!

1. Swimming
Swimming is not easy – but it’s not till after that you start to notice how sore your muscles are and how hungry you are. Swimming lanes are great for those with a busy mind as it allows you to slow down with your thought process and be in the present moment. However, just because swimming seems to be extremely meditated, it doesn’t mean it’s not effective! While swimming, you are working your whole body with an emphasis on your arms and back. Your heart will be getting a fantastic workout as well. The great thing about swimming lanes is you can go pretty much any time and don’t have to follow a class schedule! Check out your local pool to see what time drops in is at!

2. Rock Climbing
Talk about an upper body workout! Rock climbing is both mentally stimulating and physically exhausting! An hour of rock climbing will go by so quickly, and you’ll forget you’re even working out! The progress in rock climbing is extremely measurable making it easy to stick to. If you have never rock climbed before, call your local climbing gym and ask about the tutorial they can take you through! You’ll be hooked in no time!

3. Kick Boxing
Kickboxing is my absolute favorite form of exercise. It’s fast paced, challenging and burns a ton of calories. Kickboxing works your full body and is a great cardiovascular workout. Boxing gyms often offer drop in classes for all fitness levels! Make sure to bring a friend you don’t really like, so you can beat them up!

4. Dance Class
I can’t dance but I recently signed up for a beginner dance class, and truly can’t remember the last time I had so much fun. Dance is the perfect combination of strength training, cardio and stretching! You’ll be consumed by whether you’re doing the dance right, and will forget that you’re working up a sweat!

5. Organized Sport
Did you play an organized sport while growing up? Luckily for you, organized sports aren’t just for children and they’re a great way, to get a workout in! Whether you pick soccer, basketball or rugby, you’ll be sure to get a great workout in! Being surrounded by others and forming relationship with your team members will also help encourage you to stick with it!