We all know that superfoods are an awesome weapon that will inject more health-boosting vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients into our diets.

And now that well-balanced, high-quality superfood blends have appeared in the market, we have even fewer reasons to ignore them. We don’t have to struggle to choose between the benefits of each individual superfood and then simply give up, confused. We can simply select one, use and enjoy its health-boosting magic. Easy.

But now the problem becomes; ‘What can I actually do with these superfood blends?’

Worry no more! Here are five super-easy ways to include superfoods in your daily life without breaking a sweat!

Throw Them Into Your Smoothies

Sprinkle a generous spoonful of any superfood blend directly into your morning smoothie for a quick and easy way to start the day the right way. Not only do they boost the protein content of your smoothie, they also pack in a ton more antioxidants and other beneficial phytonutrients, and taste yummy too.

Why not create your own morning smoothie from frozen bananas, frozen berries, ½ cup almond milk, ¼ cup pomegranate seeds and a superfood blend containing hemp, chia and coconut? Mmmm….

Sprinkle Them Onto Your Buddha Bowl

As the name might suggest, Buddha bowls are large bowls piled sky-high with all manner of mouth-watering and health-boosting greens, grains, veggies, beans and often nuts, seeds and superfoods too. They’re simple, delicious and the perfect way to get more superfoods into your day.

Simply grab a large bowl, fill with your favorite ingredients, sprinkle on your preferred superfood mix and tuck right on in. (But be sure to wait until the veggies have cooled slightly before adding the superfoods- high temperatures can decrease the nutrient content.)

Lovingly Mix Into Fresh Juice Or Coconut Water

You don’t have to be ravenous to include superfood blends in your day- you can also add them to fresh juices, coconut water or even the nut ‘milk’ of your choice. They’ll help you squeeze in some extra healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and even fiber so your energy levels remain high all day long.

Many superfood blends taste amazing with pure coconut water- either straight-up or blended into a smoothie. Experiment and discover what works best for your superfood blend. One of my favourites is Philosophie’s Cacao Magic blend. With a ton of antioxidants, and no added sugar, it gives me a great energy boost that’s caffeine-free and tastes amazing!

Thicken Up Your Epic Smoothie Bowl

If you’re looking for the health benefits of smoothies but need something more substantial to see you through the day, why not try a smoothie bowl sprinkled with your favorite superfood blend? They’re rich, satisfying and make the ideal breakfast, post-workout meal, light lunch or even dessert. Plus, they’re thick enough to eat with a spoon and make you feel like you’re tucking into ice-cream the guilt-free way!

To make your own smoothie bowl, add extra bananas and make sure you’re using a superfood blend which contains chia or flaxseeds for that ultra-creamy consistency (although any blend will work just fine!)  

Liven Up Your Hummus! 

High in protein, fiber, iron, folate, B-complex vitamins, antioxidants and even vitamin C, hummus is the ultimate in healthy and delicious. But why stick to the regular variety when you can inject some superfood magic instead? Simply combine tahini, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic and salt, with some chickpeas, a handful of kale and a generous spoonful of your superfood blend. Then hitting the blend button, serve with a bunch of raw crunchy veggies and enjoy!

Superfood blends are the perfect way to inject some optimal nutrition into your day, and best of all, there’s nothing complicated about using them. Simply add them to your smoothies, juices, Buddha bowls, smoothie bowls and even your hummus and know you’re giving your body nothing but the best.