There is nothing like the energy of an empowered woman. The kind of woman who is grounded in confidence and oozing, both self awareness and self esteem.

You have seen this woman, strutting her stuff on stage. She shines brightly on an average day. And she looks effing fabulous in jeans and a tee.

She is the woman who takes her pleasure as seriously as she does her business.

But the truth is, she doesn’t always feel this way. There are days when she wakes up feeling anything but confident. Days when she would rather pull the covers over her head just to avoid looking in the mirror.

Every woman has days like this.

So how can you access and activate your inner Beyonce, when you’re just not feeling it?

Here are five easy ways to jumpstart your body love and awaken your sexy confidence.

Sexy Power Panties

Panties are my go-to tool for an instant boost in sexy confidence!

Panties are a woman’s secret super power! A good pair of panties can make you feel sexy, alive, invincible, and divine! It doesn’t matter if nobody knows that you’re wearing them, as long as you know.

Don’t underestimate the power of a great pair of panties!

When you have on your sexy power panties, everything feels possible! These panties will cause your posture to shift. Your inner hot chick will radiate out. And be warned – people will take notice!

From boy shorts to bikinis, hip huggers and boxer briefs … you get to decide what sexy feels like. Choose the style that accentuates your sensual self.


Whether you are feeling stressed or blue, irritable or tired, hopeless or helpless – orgasm is the perfect Rx.

Orgasms make you feel euphoric and amorous, all at the same time. Even more than that, they take you out of your head and into your body. When you are in your body, you experience the sensations of pleasure, and when you feel pleasured, you feel sexy and confident.

And what’s not to love about a well pleasured, sexy, confident body?

Write a sexy note to yourself

Who says you need someone else to write you sexy notes? There is nobody who should find you sexier than you! That’s right, you should totally be turned on by the one person who will be with you forever, Y-O-U!

So write yourself a note, dammit! But not on paper … write yourself a sexy note on your bathroom mirror. All you need is a sharpie.

Say something you would say to a lover. Say something you would like your lover to say to you. Make it naughty. Explore your fantasies. Get creative!

This is all about reminding yourself that you are a gorgeous specimen of human being-ness. And you deserve some attention … from YOU!

Breast Massage

Breast massages are a great way to stimulate blood flow, while awakening your sexy confidence. There are so many feel good receptors in the breasts, and regular breast massages not only feel good, but they are good for you!

Breasts are sensitive and they respond very well to manual stimulation. And if you wear a bra every single day, giving your breasts some extra attention will feel absolutely divine!

And the best part is you do not have to set aside extra time to do this. Taking a few extra moments to massage your breasts while you are in the bath or shower, will instantly turn up your body love.


“Dancing counts as self help” – Danielle LaPorte

Dancing is the most delicious form of exercise there is. Why? Because it’s fun and free, and you can do it any time and anywhere!

Dancing to one three-minute song will take you from blah to fabulous, just like that! Not a great dancer? Who cares! This is not a contest, this is about feeling good!

Just go with it. Allow your body to move however it wants to. There are no rules. Turn that music up and feel the rhythm.

Jump, twirl, and move those hips! Before long you are going to be feeling alive and full of energy! And while your mood is getting a boost, your body will be feeling all juicy and delicious.

And juicy + delicious = sexy confidence!