Pamela Grzeskowiak, aka Plant Based Pam, is a vegan usually found surfside, sharing the latest fashions alongside recipes of colorful, plant-based meals and snacks on her popular Instagram. We talked body image, boys and one of the best things in life—sweet treats.


What made you want to share your journey as a vegan on social media?

PG: I believe humans and animals were created to live together in harmony. When I became a vegan I wanted to show others my passion for that lifestyle, and to spark some excitement with super delicious recipes. My goal is to encourage girls to love themselves no matter what their shape or size is. My videos, posts and my ebook were all created to motivate people to live happier, healthier lives.


Your Instagram followers know you love the water, and see you rocking some incredible swimsuits seaside. Showing skin can take guts. Have you always been confident when it comes to your body?   

PG: I actually used to hate my lower body, especially my calves; I thought they were bulky. Over time I realized that everyone is different and beautiful in their own ways, and that everyone includes me!


It’s so vital to recognize our own beauty and power. I’m happy to hear you see yours! Is there anything else you’d tell a younger you, if you could?

PG: You are strong. Don’t cry over boys who aren’t even invested in your wellbeing. No boy is worth your tears. When you love yourself, you focus on the most important relationship you are in.


The food you post makes my mouth water! What’s your absolute favorite to indulge in?

PG: Vegan cinnamon donut sundaes, for sure.


What words of wisdom can you leave us with today?

PG: Life is more than just expensive cars and big houses. Sometimes less can actually be more. Don’t listen to the haters, and don’t let anyone dull your light! You are strong, and as long as you are doing what you love, everything is okay.

To get more plant-based inspiration, keep up with Pam’s adventures on Instagram and YouTube, and get even more goodness in her ebook of vegan recipes, Us For Them.