The term “human being” has always seemed a bit misnamed.  No one I know is behaving like a human being.  Most are more reflective of a human doing.  We chase happiness by working, struggling, pushing and buying instead of just being anything, especially content.  Everything’s over there so we have to lace up our running shoes and hit the street to get it.

Law of Attraction states you must feel abundant, even with no outer signs, in order to BE abundant. The bible says, “Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it; and it will be yours.”  Gandhi asserted “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”  Buddha proclaimed “The mind is everything. What you think, you become.”

What do a bunch of old books and enlightened beings know, right?

We’re always so wrapped up in the trying and doing that we fail to get in the space of feeling and being.  Who’s got time for that?! …. But maybe some of these ideas are worth looking into.

Everything in our outer world is nothing more than an external reflection of who we feel we are inside.  (That should be enough to make us stop and go “hmmmm”!)  The prophets and brilliant thinkers of the world have understood this for thousands of years, and have taught us that peace, fulfillment, success and manifestation are products of our thoughts and beliefs.

We don’t put much active trust in those concepts.  Women, especially, put most of their faith in doing.  We think we need to get out there and prove ourselves and be all things to all people so we can earn a piece of worthiness, but it leaves us tired, disappointed and empty inside.  That anxiety and inner chaos reflects out onto our world; and then we think we have to roll up our sleeves, get a cup of joe, and get at it some more!  It becomes a vicious cycle.

We need to remember that the first step to a fulfilling life is to feed our bodies, minds and souls with self-love, self-care and self-forgiveness, before we can ever begin the work of real “doing.”  When we lose sight of our holiness and who we BE, we stop trusting the process of life that’s here to support and love us.

Not that action is unnecessary, but it’s not the starting point.  When we take action first and then try to wrangle the happiness or prosperity, it falls flat.  We have to choose the happiness and abundance first, get in the feeling place of it; and then take inspired action.  We must be complete before we begin.  Nothing out there is a substitute for inner acceptance and harmony.

Begin to remember who you are again.  Know that you don’t have to DO anything in order to accept the Universe’s gift of worthiness and peace.  Once you put the focus on your unique voice and the value of who you are on the inside, your outer world will begin to reflect the changes; and all of your actions will become sacred acts of creativity and love.

Let go of the “human doing” and come home to a place of being.