OK, I’ll admit it. I can’t help being a rebel. Because even though the world is whipping itself into a frenzy of Paleo/Primal, zero carb, Atkins and no-grain eating, I sometimes like to start my day (especially in those cold Canadian winter months) with a large steaming bowl of oatmeal topped lovingly with sunflower seeds and superfoods. And I don’t even feel one bit guilty about it.

Because oatmeal isn’t just mouth-wateringly yummy, low-calorie and the perfect comfort-food, it can also work some incredible magic on your health too. Here’s why everyone should start eating more oatmeal.

You’ll Keep Off Those Excess Pounds

Oats will keep your feeling fuller for longer so you just won’t feel the urge to reach for a mid-morning bar of chocolate and your energy levels will stay high right until lunchtime. But it’s not just the fiber that’s helping to keep your tummy satisfied; it also contains a compound called beta-glucan which reduces your appetite by increasing the hunger-fighting hormone cholecystokinin.

You’ll Boost Your Heart Health

Thanks to that beta-glucan, oats can also help lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood pressure. One study carried out in 2002 showed that they reduce both your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and can be just as effective as taking an anti-hypertensive medication.

You’ll Get A Mega-Dose Of Nutrients

Oats are an amazing source of vitamins and minerals, and offer a delicious way to get everything your body needs. This includes great levels of vitamin B1 and folic acid which are vital for the nervous system, plenty of iron for healthy blood and energy, magnesium for bone strength and also excellent levels of phosphorus, selenium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, zinc and chromium.

You’ll Fight Cancer And Disease

Oats are packed full of a unique type of antioxidants called avenanthramides which help fight off the harmful effects of free-radicals and keep your body younger, stronger and healthier. One study found that these compounds reduce the risk of colorectal cancers and actually decrease the spread of cancerous cells.

You’ll Effectively Balance Your Blood Sugar

Oats release their energy slowly, without spiking your blood sugar which means they’re considered to be a low GI food. This can help reduce your risk of diabetes, improve your insulin sensitivity and push your energy levels through the roof.

You’ll Enjoy A Better Night’s Sleep

Oats contain a hormone called melatonin which helps regulate your body clock and induce that warm sleepy feeling. The complex carbs they contain also allows the amino acid tryptophan get into your brain and encourages you to drop off to sleep faster.   

You’ll Boost Your Immune System

Oatmeal doesn’t just contain high levels of immune-boosting minerals like zinc, that beta-glucan also has a protective effect on your immune system and helps those cell-building white blood cells travel to the site of an infection and fight any threat more effectively.

Oatmeal is the most delicious way to start (or even end) your day. And when I’m on the go, my favourite oatmeal option are Modern Oats oatmeal cups. They come in a variety of amazing flavours and make an easy, satisfying meal on the go! Kick-starts your energy for the day, boost your nutrition and keep your body at optimal health even longer. What’s not to like about oatmeal?