Las Vegas is known for prompting people to let go of their inhibitions, to get a little (or a lot) wild. I visited the ultimate resort city for my sister’s wedding not too long ago, and I’ll admit, I went a little wild myself. Not in the gambling-shopping-nightlife kind of way, more in the way that lands you a $60 tab for ordering and eating an indulgent number of chocolate-covered strawberries.

I love my sister and her wedding was the most important occasion I’ve been a part of to date. Nothing was going to get in the way of it being the best, most fabulous event of all time, not even my healthy lifestyle. Three days spent walking through casinos and chowing on croissants were a tad off course from my routine, so I committed to a few things that helped me keep the rest of my health in check.

Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, these tips will keep you from falling off the bandwagon.

1. Drink water

I know—how simple—but you’ll be surprised how easy this one is to forget! When your mind is occupied with your work, your itinerary or your amazing adventures, hydration is easily forgotten. While in Vegas, I had to constantly remind myself to reach for my water—an action that’s second nature when I’m home. Try to start each morning with a glass of warm lemon water. This will help prepare your body for the day ahead by gently cleansing and awakening your digestive organs.

2. Take the stairs

Where there is an elevator, there are stairs – take them. When you don’t have time to workout (or even if you do), simply opt for the stairs to help your body work up a sweat, even if it’s the tiniest one. Just imagine the amount of good you’ll do your body, if you take the stairs every time!

3. Skip the booze and pop (when you can)

Alcohol is known as the anti-nutrient. The way it functions in your body actually depletes your body’s nutrition stores. Ask yourself, is having that drink really important or worth it? I understand for some people, drinking to excess is part of the vacation. If that’s the case, be smart about it. Skip the sugar-filled mixers and chasers (including soda / pop), and ask for your liquor with water. It’ll taste different, but I promise you can adjust! The day after a big night out, supplement with probiotics, fish oil, and B-vitamins.

4. Have a light breakfast.

Trust me, I know how delicious pancakes are. I also know how I feel when I start my day with a heavy meal. My energy is zapped and I end up feeling bloated and gross. Luckily, breakfast is the easiest meal to make healthy! Serve yourself big plate or fruit, or sourdough toast with avocado and eggs.

5. Do a quick HIIT.

My favorite thing about the workouts I offer is that they’re quick and effective! Even on the road, you can easily fit in a 30-minute body weight workout before you start the day – you just have to make time.

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6. Don’t worry.

Relax. Seriously. If you have been planning and looking forward to this trip, give yourself permission to enjoy it! One “bad” week (or couple of weeks) won’t erase your progress – and honestly, this is an ongoing journey. If by some chance you do gain a few pounds, simply stay committed to getting back to the gym and eating well when you return home. A truly healthy lifestyle is meant to be enjoyable. It must allow for setbacks and occasional time off. If your approach is too restrictive and controlling, you will cultivate a negative relationship with this way of living. So go ahead—have fun, eat (some) unhealthy foods, and skip a workout or two—and do so guilt-free!