Rituals are important.

They’re the glue that holds our days, weeks and months together. They guide us effortlessly through our days so we can see the bigger picture instead feeling overwhelmed by the smaller details. And we almost always use rituals when it comes to important and meaningful events in our lives such as weddings, graduation, birthdays and holidays.
Having a morning routine is so liberating because you can have your own self holiday every morning.

The Biggest Myth involving self-care is that it is selfish.

Self-care is simply self-love.

It’s about taking the time that you deserve for your own health and happiness. It’s about exploring what makes you feel absolutely awesome. If you’re not happy and healthy, then no one else can be too. It’s time to start giving back to yourself.

How To Create Your Perfect Morning Ritual

Creating your perfect morning ritual is easy. Just find a quiet space, take a piece of paper and write down your ideal morning so you can visibly see your intentions. Try to include a time frame of how long these things take. Your list may need editing multiple times, and that is okay! This is a journey.

Lastly, I want you to commit to a whole week of following your wonderful routine. Truly stay mindful, notice how your morning routines can set the tone for the rest of your day and don’t be afraid of making small adjustments if needed.

Personally, after following and editing my routine for a week, I do not beat myself up if I don’t do it every morning. I use my routine if I need a personal boost. For instance, Tuesdays are a hard day at work for me every week, so I make sure to follow my self-love routine on Tuesdays. If I don’t feel like doing it on Wednesday or Monday, then I won’t.

My Personal Self-Love Morning Ritual

Because I love to get personal, I’m going to share my own morning routine with you. I hope it inspires you and helps you to get your creative juices flowing. But don’t forget to create your own routine, mine will be totally different from yours. Here it is:

  • Wake up only after two alarms (Haha!)
  • Dental regimen: Tongue scrape, brush teeth, oil pull for 10-15 mins.
  • While oil pulling pick out work clothes and dress then clean the kitchen.
  • Fitness time: 30-60 minutes of yoga, HITT, running, hiking, or anything that makes me feel happy that day.
  • Shower 10mins.
  • Skincare regimen: Dry brush skin then moisturize with oil.
  • Allow hair to air dry whilst packing my bags for work.
  • Make tea and green smoothie.
  • Spend half an hour reading, writing, creating art, or doing anything creative.
  • 10 min meditation.

Then go to work happy!!

Morning rituals are the most creative, soothing and uplifting way to start the day. I leave it to you now to create your own version, commit to practicing for just a week (at first!) and see just how incredible you’ll feel the entire day.