With the New Year in full swing, some of us may notice our resolution motivation is wearing off. I want us to make this the year we finally reach our goals – so below I have highlighted three common excuses that creep up and how to work through them.

1. “I don’t have enough time”
Everyone is busy – but it is important to remember that we make time for what we want to make time for. What are our priorities? Do we want to live a happy and healthy life? Then it is our responsibility to make time for the things that will help us achieve that!

Eating well doesn’t have to be time consuming. I encourage us to get in the habit of taking the time on Sunday to thoroughly plan and shop for our meals. By doing this, we will not only encourage ourselves to stick to our diet, but we will also reduce the amount of time needed for preparation.

As for exercise, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been known to boost ones metabolism for up to 24 hours after their workout! Yup! HIIT sessions also only need to last 30 minutes, making them a great routine for those with tight schedules! If you’re interested in starting on a 3 month HIIT program, you can learn more about my programs through here!

Not having enough time is simply an excuse, and not a valid reason, as to why we can’t live the life we have always wanted.

2. “Healthy eating doesn’t taste good”
Unhealthy dishes can taste terrible just like healthy ones. So guess what? Healthy dishes can taste amazing just like certain unhealthy ones do! There are tons of resources across the worldwide full of healthy delicious recipes!

Also, as we eat better, our taste buds readjust. Bad diets abuse our taste buds and can leave natural foods tasting bland. However, after a couple weeks following a new lifestyle, they start to return to normal!

3. “I’ll start next Monday”
Monday never comes, and every single day of living a healthier lifestyle counts. Eating well on a Saturday doesn’t count any less than eating well on a Monday. Know that there will never be a right time; there’s only now. By reading this article, we are already showing an interest in being healthier – so let’s keep the ball rolling! Go get a glass of water, go for a walk or do anything that our health will thank us for. Monday is now. Believe in yourself.