The Story Behind the Story: the Inspiration Behind My Recent Book “The Power of the Educated Patient”

“As soon as healing takes place, go out and heal somebody else.” — Maya Angelou

I met Shayna a few years ago at the conference for holistic practitioners and asked her what made her choose this career. She told me the story about her father becoming disabled from taking statin drugs and how that forced her to search for help. Eventually, she was able to get him from disability and literally save his life by finding the ways to cure him through the right diet and alternative therapies.

This was the beginning of her holistic journey.

When Shayna was describing the symptoms her father had, I realized that my father had similar symptoms and that he was taking the same drug. After learning about the potential dangers of this drug (officially called “side effects”), I did my own research. I wasn’t equipped with enough knowledge to take my father off that drug. In most cases, taking a radical action should be done only under the close supervision of a qualified health professional (like an integrative physician). However, I added vital supplementation to my father’s medical regiment and that alleviated his major symptoms, and saved him from getting worse; and possibly, getting disabled. That is how Shayna’s sharing her story about healing her father assisted me in helping my father.

At the time I thought: what if more people can learn this story and it could possibly help them or their loved ones?

Then I realized that I could serve as a messenger and share this and many other healing stories with others.

This is how the idea for my recently published book “The Power of the Educated Patient: Proven Strategies For Reclaiming Your Health And Well-Being That You Won’t Find In A Conventional Medical Office” was born.

One and a half years later, the book was published.  It became an instant Amazon #1 Bestseller and I was included in Amazon 100 most popular authors in Health, Wellness and Fitness (I was in the top 50).

I’ve been astounded and deeply touched by the amazing reviews and private messages from the people around the world thanking me for the book, and sharing how its stories inspired and empowered them to make better choices in their healthcare.  Truly, the best praise I could get while fulfilling my mission to empower people live healthier and happier lives.

An Educated Patient Is an Empowered Patient!

“The work of the doctor will, in the future, be ever more that of an educator, and ever less that of a man who treats ailments.” 
— Lord Horder

Regrettably, prescribing a massive number of pharmaceutical drugs has become today’s new ‘norm.’ The truth is, oftentimes it is not making the patient better, but someone else better off. By educating ourselves we can avoid falling into this trap. An educated patient is an empowered patient! This is what I preach and teach.

It is also crucial to remember the concept of bio individuality: no two people are the same, which means that everyone requires a different and unique approach depending on their individual needs.

The stories shared in the “Power of the Educated Patient” may help you find the healing strategy and approach that is right for you. These stories may point you in the right direction, so you can start on your road of recovery and reaching your best vibrant health. Or maybe you simply find hope and encouragement while being inspired by these stories. This is how we become educated and empowered patients! This is how we find true healing!

My Story (the Beginning)

Last year, our four-year-old son, Anthony, told us he didn’t want to grow anymore. We were stunned. Like most children, until that day he couldn’t wait to grow up, to be as big and strong as his father. When I asked Anthony why, he said he didn’t want his tummy to hurt. The simple explanation he gave was mind-blowing to me. And it made me realize something about human nature that would significantly change the course of my and my family’s life.

At that time, Anthony’s six-year old sister, Adele, was suffering from severe stomach pain. Anthony assumed this was normal for a child at age six. And he reasoned that when he turned six he’d also get that same, agonizing pain.

Sound familiar? When you think about it, this is what happens to adults, too, and we formulate similar assumptions. As we grow older, we often assume that once we reach a certain age, we’re destined to feel “age appropriate.” We just accept that we will get certain illnesses, be less energetic, and experience pain. If you’re like a lot of people, you consider this to be normal.

Many people I’ve interviewed for my recently published book, “The Power of the Educated Patient” shared that, initially, and they believed the symptoms they were suffering from were simply a normal part of life. Feeling chronically sick, tired, depressed, and lacking the zest for life they once enjoyed was chalked up to being an unavoidable reality. And I confess that I used to think this way, too.

For the people I interviewed and for me, finding the right doctor, reading the right book, or discovering the right healthcare approach made all the differences in addressing the root causes of illness, and imbalance in the body. As a result, alleviating symptoms so the body can heal itself.

I want to help you find an effective strategy of using lifestyle changes to overcome your health challenges and reach your ultimate health goals.

I start the book with the story of how I healed Adele and, as a result, got her younger brother, Anthony, excited about growing up again.