Our well-being doesn’t depend strictly on how well we eat and the amount of exercise we get – there are various components that play a role in the overall state of our health. Below I have highlighted 6 simple ways to enhance your health that don’t involve working out or eating your vegetables!

1. Change your personal care routine
Day in and day out, we are exposed to hundreds of toxic chemicals that have been linked to many diseases, including cancer. According to the Environmental Defense Canada, before a woman heads out the door, she has exposed herself to 126 different chemicals, many of which are toxic.

Luckily, these harmful chemicals can easily be avoided as there is an entire industry dedicated to providing safe alternatives to the personal care products we use. In the market, we can find a replacement for just about anything, including our toothpaste, face makeup, shampoo, deodorant and much more.

I have dedicated a section to my site where you can learn more about the exact personal care routine products I use! In addition, I recently wrote an article highlighting four of the commonly used ingredients in our makeup. You can check out that article here!

2. Cleanse your air with diffuser or plants
In addition to the makeup we wear, our environment exposes us to many harmful substances; there’s no need to fear though as there are numerous ways we can cleanse the air around us! I recently wrote an article highlighting the main uses of an essential oil diffuser, one of them being to cleanse our air. By diffusing certain oils such as tea tree oil, ginger, oregano and peppermint, we can help neutralize the air around us and improve our overall health! In addition, the placement of certain plants can also help improve the quality of the air we breathe! To learn more about these plants, check out this article!

3. Take probiotics
A healthy bacterium is needed for good health. By adding probiotics to the mix, we reduce the risk of getting the cold, digestive discomforts, acne and other symptoms that wreak havoc on our health! To learn more about probiotics, check out my article here!

4. Use Tea Tree Oil on Acne
Over the counter, acne medications and creams may work in the short term, but the harmful ingredients in these solutions are not contributing to a high level of health. One of the first things I switched to when starting a healthy lifestyle was tea tree oil, as I found it to be just as effective, if not more than any acne solution I had used previously. Tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and kills the harmful bacteria while keeping beneficial bacteria intact. Tea tree oil is highly potent and you only need a small amount to reap the benefits.

5. Don’t allow electronics in the bedroom
We may be keeping our body from getting a good night’s sleep by keeping electronics in the bedroom. Weight gain, irritability, digestive upset and poor focus are just a handful of the effects associated with too little sleep. Try shutting your devices off 30 minutes before bed and charging it in a separate room. By doing so, you’ll help yourself achieve a higher level of health without thinking too much about it.

6. Practice Gratefulness
Starting your day off by listing 5 things you are grateful for can improve your health! Gratitude has been associated with improving one’s sleeping patterns, mood and stress levels. It is important to remember that we are as happy as we allow ourselves to be. Therefore, by taking the time to practice gratitude, we recognize all that we have to be happy for.