Write for Us

So you want to write for us…. FANTASTIC! We would LOVE to have you submit a piece! Listed below are requirements we implement to ensure your writing style meets our criteria:

1. Personal Touch: We pride ourselves in remaining personal even though we have a large following. We ask that you write as if you’re talking to a single person, as it allows our readers to feel involved and actively engaged with our page.

2. Relatable: With all of our posts, our main philosophy remains – write as if you’re explaining the subject to someone who is uninformed on the issue. It is not that our readers are truly uninformed, or unintelligent – it is because we want the articles to be straightforward, understood and appropriate for all ages.

3. Word Count: We would like to keep all of our posts under 800 words. If you’re having trouble with this, revisit the article and ask yourself if unnecessary words or phrases are being used. Straightforward honesty is what we’re looking for

4. Original Writing: We ask that the articles you submit be exclusively for WayofGray. We kindly decline articles already published.

5. Ad Free: We ask that you do not try to sell or promote any products or services in the article. We want our blog posts to be gratifying, and educational – free of the need to purchase something.  You are welcome to talk about your services in your bio, but if you are selling something that doesn’t line up with our belief system, we will kindly decline your article.

6. We want to grow our community: We ask that you share your post with your following when it goes live. The better your post does, the more we’ll ask you to contribute!


Even though we don’t compensate our writers, the reasons to contribute to us extend far beyond monetary value….

By writing for Lovestyle you will start a chain reaction of positivity within our community. We want to inform, educate and make a positive change in the lives of our readers – your post will contribute to their betterment.

We have readers from across the globe, and we will ensure our constantly expanding community will see your contributions. We share each post on our main web page, our blog’s homepage, our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our commitment is to spread your knowledge to the masses.

Though you will not directly get sales from your article, you will indirectly receive traffic to your site from the included bio. The more engaging the post, the more likely readers will go to your site and purchase your products.

Please note that by submitting your piece to WayofGray you give us the right to edit and publish your work.


How to make your post stand out

1. Write about a topic you could openly discuss with a close friend.

We want your post to be about something you’re comfortable talking about. If you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to write in your own tone, sound knowledgeable, and easily explain your topic. Please keep in mind that we want each of our articles to be easily understood, so if your writing style is scientific, also include a broken-down simplified explanation.

2. Don’t be scared to include resources.

The great thing about the Internet is you can hyperlink resources so easily. If you’re quoting a doctor or scientific journal, show your audience where you got the information! By including your resources, you appear more credible. We ask that credited professionals write any of the resources used.

3. Ask yourself if your message is positive and relevant to the every day person.

As mentioned above, we take pride in our ability to relate to our readers. Use words and references everyone can understand. The point of our page is to shed light on the ‘gray areas’ of health and wellness. Stay positive and ensure your written work can be easily interpreted!

4. Have an engaging introductory paragraph.

We want our readers to be captivated by your writing! Be sure to make your introductory paragraph interesting and worthy of the reader’s attention!

5. Talk about something new!

 Has your topic been previously discussed? By sure to check the site to make sure your writing is new, exciting, or elaborates on a previous topic!

6. Make a standout title!

 What is your article about? Can you think of a killer title for it? Please remember the title is what initially draws readers, so make it count!


Follow these steps to submit your masterpiece:

Step 1

Open your email address and write the post to: submissions@lovestyle.ca

Step 2

Attach your article, any pictures needed for your article, your bio and a picture of yourself in a place you love. Please be sure to keep the article and bio separate. We ask that the bio is no more than 150 words.

Step 3

Please include a brief description of your article in the body of the email.

Step 4

In the subject line, please include the name of your article and your name.

(ex. 10 Tips For Improving Your Quality of Life By Sophie Gray)